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New brand look, same amazing first class service

When we started doing this, we stood out from the crowd with the MOTOR SPORTS TRAVEL logo. At the time, the black and orange was clear to see, the website was clean and not one of our competitors looked like we do.

5 years later and guess what, everyone of our competitors wants to be us, their websites have changed colour, their logos are so similar in style to ours, we even had one company using our our logo in Italy on their clipboard!!!

With the rise of Mighty Max for Red Bull in Formula 1 and KTM joining MotoGP, the Dutch fans are travelling and their national colours are orange. Its becoming more and more difficult to notice our brand when we are out at race weekends.

So its time for change. Orange is gone and we will remove this from the brand as we go to the end of the year. Our new colours will be Gold and Green with a few little funky graphics on social media, luggage labels, tickets etc and again, we expect to blow the competitors out of the market place (again).

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