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Grand Prix Travel Packages – Tickets Included!

Whatever package you book with Motor Sports Travel we INCLUDE the race ticket in the price! I have been amazed that so many of our competitors (no names, you know who you are) advertise a “grand prix package” and want to charge extra for the grand prix tickets.

Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t that then just a city break with a grand prix on the same weekend and if you want, you can pay extra to go. Really? In my book, that’s a bit of a con

All of the travel packages on our website, regardless of how many wheels you want to see racing include a race ticket. Sure sometimes these are basic general admission tickets, sometimes they are grandstand seating, other packages have some serious weekend tickets included. Every package on our website is a Grand Prix Package, it’s something that you can tailor to your needs. Don’t like a single day for the entry ticket, let’s change it for you, maybe you don’t want a weekend ticket, fine we can create a package that suits you and your parties needs whatever your budget is. Private jet? No problem!

Just remember, every price includes the ticket, anything else just isn’t a Grand Prix Package!

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