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Formula 1 noise and why we think its good for the sport

First of all, let us make something clear. We are massive fans of the “old” noise in Formula 1! The sound of the deafening V8 when arriving at a track with our clients and, in the distance, a car putting a few laps in early ready for practice –  we can remember the looks on their faces. Memories of walking down the pit lane at the Spanish Grand Prix in 2013 and hearing the Force India team firing up their engine will last with us for a very long time. Most people in the pit lane that day were adults; a few children were there, but certainly not that many when you look at how many people attend race events.  Especially in Formula 1™, the family aspect is somewhat low in numbers.
The 2014 V6 Turbo engines are quieter, and as a result, are a lot safer to the ear than the V8 Engines and, while some of the thrill of the sound has gone, there are engine and tyre noises we can now take in that were impossible to hear before. So let us look at the future of the sport and bring the kids, make it a family day out, inspire them to become the next Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button, to get them into engineering. Maybe the 2035 F1 Championship winning car designer is going to attend next years Italian Grand Prix at the age of 5 and watch as the Ferrari speeds out of Parabolica. Who knows, it is early days but we say keep with the engines and let F1 push forward into the future.
For 2015, we are working on more triple and quad rooms in family friendly hotels to start promoting family packages to many of the European races. Think about the opportunity that Formula 1 has to engage a much younger audience, for them to experience the atmosphere at the circuit, the thrill of seeing their driver win, to see him or her stand on the podium and to listen to the cheers from the crowd. I can remember my first racing experience at Brands Hatch many many years ago. I wonder what theirs will be?

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