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Confirmed 21 Race 2015 Formula 1 season (again)

Well, back in September the FIA and FOM confirmed a 20 race calendar, now, whilst the 2014 AGM in Doha is taking place, a new 21 race calendar has been confirmed, with the addition of South Korea (without doubt the worst selection of hotels of any circuit over the season) however there is still uncertainty if this race will be at the South Korean circuit or actually in Seoul, we will keep you updated on this.

The 2015 Calendar now looks as follows with the new dates for the Bahrain and Chinese Grand Prix

15 March Grand Prix of Australia

29 March Grand Prix of Malaysia

12 April Grand Prix of China

19 April Grand Prix of Bahrain

3 May Grand Prix of Korea (TBC)

10 May Grand Prix of Spain

24 May Grand Prix of Monaco

7 June Grand Prix of Canada

21 June Grand Prix of Austria

5 July Grand Prix of Great Britain

19 July Grand Prix of Germany

26 July Grand Prix of Hungary

23 August Grand Prix of Belgium

6 September Grand Prix of Italy

20 September Grand Prix of Singapore

27 September Grand Prix of Japan

11 October Grand Prix of Russia (Sochi)

25 October Grand Prix of USA (Austin)

1 November Grand Prix of Mexico

15 November Grand Prix of Brazil

29 November  Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

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