Before you book, and before and while you travel, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the Foreign Office advice for the destination(s) you’re travelling to, so you are aware of passport, entry and visa requirements, health requirements and FCO travel advice. Do have a read through the information below and take advice from the links so you are fully aware of what is required for your Motor Sports Travel holiday.


Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Here is a link to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website which gives full details of up-to-date travel advice; passport, entry and visa requirements plus health requirements for travel; we do ask you to visit this before making a booking:

Passport, visa & health requirements and travel advice may change and it is your responsibility to regularly familiarise yourself with requirements, so do make sure you keep up to date. To make it easier, you can sign up for alerts on the Foreign Office website which will automatically inform you if the advice changes.


UK Passport Office

The UK Passport office issues all British passports. You can now apply for a passport renewal online. This site gives all the relevant information on British passports:


Travel Health Advice

The NHS can provide general health advice, disease prevention advice and advice by country. You can find information using this link, or speak to your GP for further information:



If you are travelling within Europe then you can apply for an EHIC card using the following link:


Travel Aware Campaign

In addition, the government’s Travel Aware Campaign contains all the information in one place – you can find that using this link: