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COVID Policy

Trying to wade through the different rules and regulations for travel is far from easy at the moment, so whether you have already booked a race or are thinking about booking so you have something to look forward to, we will help to guide you through the minefield of red tape and hopefully offer you some reassurance.

Breaking it down, travel to motor sporting events currently depends on four factors:

  1. FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) advice – this is the FCDO’s recommendations for where you can safely travel and regulates where you can go from the UK. (Incidentally, whilst FCDO advice against travelling to a country has, in the past, triggered loss of travel insurance cover, there are now a number of insurance companies such as Battleface who will cover you if the FCDO advises against all but essential travel to your destination, given that the advice is just that – a recommendation, rather than law.)
  2. UK travel policy – this is the UK government’s policy on returning from another country, although this does not necessarily align with the FCDO advice nor whether the destination will permit visitors from the UK. Previously known as the traffic light system, on 04 October 2021 this was replaced by a simpler ‘Red’ and ‘Rest of the World’ policy.
  3. Entry requirements for the destination country – the country needs to be allowing visitors from the UK without any mandatory quarantine.
  4. Event attendance rules in the destination country – we need to know that the host country and race organisers are allowing fan attendance.

We are constantly monitoring all of these factors for all of our races so we can keep everyone up to date with what is happening. Whether you already have a booking with us, or if you thinking about booking, here are the current scenarios we can envisage:

If the race date changes, we will let you know and you will have a choice of moving to the new dates at no extra charge or taking a full refund.

If the race is confirmed as going ahead without fans, or is cancelled, again we will let you know and you will have a choice of moving to another race (either 2022 or 2023) or taking a full refund.

If the race is going ahead as planned but, on the lead up to your departure date, the UK government places your destination on the Red List and/or the FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) advises against all but essential travel to your destination and/or the destination country will not permit visitors from the UK and/or the destination country imposes mandatory quarantine on arrival for visitors from the UK, we will contact you to advise we will not be able to take you and you will have the choice of moving to another 2022 or 2023 race or taking a full refund.

If the race is going ahead as planned and, as we approach your departure date, there is no FCDO advice against all but essential travel to your destination and the UK government places your destination on the Rest of the World list, then we can deliver your package as planned, which means normal terms and conditions apply. 

We will also keep you fully aware of all entry requirements on the lead up to departure, so you know exactly what paperwork and tests you need for your trip and so you don’t have to do the legwork. This will usually be around 2-3 weeks before departure.

All Motor Sports Travel packages are covered by the Package Travel Regulations, and all flight-inclusive packages are also ATOL-protected under ATOL licence 11723. In addition to this, we further protect all customer monies via a trust account administered by Protected Trust Services – we are member 5448. What this means is that when you pay any monies to us, whether by card or by bank transfer, you are paying directly into the MST trust fund and not into our company account. Money can only be released from the trust to pay for the services you have booked, and upon sign off from the independent trustees – it is not money we can access or use for any other purpose. We think this is an important part of what we offer as it increases protection for you.

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